Lexington Aikikai is a private Aikido Dojo in the heart of the Bluegrass - Lexington. KY.

Latest Activities:

Congratulation to Shannon Cheatham for passing the rank of 6th kyu. Shannon has  been practicing Aikido since April 2013.

 2014 Special Deals:
* Introductory program for beginners - $120 per person. The program comes with 2 month membership and a free Aikido uniform. [for non-UK Students only]
* $10 off to family members on adults ($5 off on kids).
* $10 off to all Glen Ford Fitness Center members.
* Bring a friend to sign up and get a $20 credit that can be applied to your membership dues or your purchase of Aikido accessories.
* Members can purchase a uniform for $35.
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Lexington Aikikai is affiliated with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba